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New Website

New Website Up and Running

Well this is a little exiting, finally! Always getting distracted with other work and projects to the point that this website has been nearly 12 months in the making. Guess it is a bit like a mechanic with his own car, anyway still a few small issues to iron out but for the most part it is working ok. I think it looks a bit more professional than my last site.

let me know what you think, or if you find a spelling mistake, I'm sure there will be some.

About the Author


I am a Photographer with skills in Media and Website Design. I live in Ballina NSW and my business, Snapz with Style, incorporates these skills enabling me to provide a unique service using Photography for Media Design and Web Design. The creativity involved in these three areas has been what has drawn me to them. For me striving to out do myself on each new project keeps it fresh and the sense of pride for images or designs I create inspires more.

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